1.0 Branch created

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Fri Nov 9 07:37:06 PST 2012

I've created 1.0 branches in the wayland and weston repos.  I found it
confusing the use the 'master' and 'next' terminology when replying to
patch emails and being able to just say 'commited to 1.0' is a lot
clearer than saying 'committed to master' and then wonder whether
'master' is the feature branch or the stable branch.

On the master branch, we now have Pekkas Raspberry PI backend, Anders
new debug keybindings and the first few patches from Jan towards
physical keyboard support and compose key in IM.

As for 1.0.1, I'm looking at Nov 19th and as a good date to release.
We still have a number of failing tests in the weston test suite, but
on the whole it's in good shape.  In particular, thanks to Jonas for
tracking down and fixing the out-of-order delete_id problem.


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