1.0.1 Releases are out

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 20:29:34 PST 2012

Hi all,

I just uploaded tarballs and tagged 1.0.1 in the Weston and Wayland
repos.  The 1.0.1 releases are maintenance releases and fixes a number
of bugs in 1.0.0.  Available from http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases:

   51c3152c85cf0fdf2c555e0e738b0c76ebcc0837  wayland-1.0.1.tar.xz
   5006829041b202f73d051be016a41adf3662bfdc  wayland 1.0.1 tag

   6711f481b9eaa66ff09eb650b5f18a603008d596  weston-1.0.1.tar.xz
   6a5d6124f09a88e1fc86971c42bc75f9c98f933d  weston 1.0.1 tag

The big important fix for Wayland 1.0.1 is Jonas Adahls fix for
out-of-order delete_id events, which allows us to fix a crash that
happens during EGLSurface destruction.  As for Weston 1.0.1, we have
52 commits since 1.0.0, most of which are bug fixes.

What we didn't do for 1.0.1 was to get the Weston test suite to pass.
Jonas analyzed the failures and sent out patches to fix them, but in
the end I decided to not apply those patches.  The patches made it
clear that the structure of the Weston test suite make it very awkward
to write test cases: keeping the test backchannel and the wayland
protocol in sync is a nightmare; the compositor module maps surfaces
in a non-stardard way that results in inconsistent surface state; and
writing a module for each test is not practical.

Instead we'll restructure the way we run the tests, port over the
current tests to the new approach and then drop the current test
framework.  So we'll ship 1.0.1 with failing tests, but at least now
we understand why they fail and that the failures are in the test
suite, not in Weston.


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