Problem compiling the latest git version on ArchLinux

Yichao Yu yyc1992 at
Tue Oct 16 06:54:35 PDT 2012


I am trying to compile weston-git/wayland-git on my Arch Linux. I was
fine yesterday (more precisely ~30h before) but with some recent
commit after that, the mesa-full-wayland package failed to compile
with errors like.

platform_wayland.c:830:4: error: implicit declaration of function
'wl_display_get_global' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
platform_wayland.c:836:4: error: implicit declaration of function
'wl_display_bind' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
platform_wayland.c:836:21: warning: assignment makes pointer from
integer without a cast [enabled by default]

AFAIK, these functions are indeed removed from wayland and there is
also lots of functions (wl_display_add_global_listener for example)
turning into inline functions (which means I have to recompile mesa
and weston).

Is this a intentional api/abi breaking or have I missed sth?


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