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>  I am new to using the Wayland API, and I was just wondering about the
> seat structure. I was reading the documentation on the Wayland website and
> read that the seat structure takes care of device events and maintains
> device focus. (such as the keyboard, touch, and pointer)   My question is
> what functions take the event from the evdev and how can I access the event
> through the seat structure? Any help would be grateful. Thanks for your
> time. ****
> ** **
> -Alexander Keller ****

Hi Alexander,

In weston, the backend sends events to the compositor by calling the
notify_* functions, for example notify_motion(), notify_button() and
notify_key() found in weston/src/compositor.c. The backend can get events
however it it sees fit. The drm backend (weston/src/compositor-drm.c) gets
events directly from evdev, using the function set in weston/src/evdev.c.
The x11 backend gets events from the X window where the weston output is
rendered and sends them directly from weston/src/compositor-x11.c. You can
see how the seat is used in practice by looking at notify_* and related
functions. I hope this helps answer your question.

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