[PATCH weston 1/2] pci: add PCI helpers to detect primary GPUs

David Herrmann dh.herrmann at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 29 08:43:50 PDT 2012

Hi Sannu

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:19 AM, Sannu K <sannumail4foss at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> GPU switching under linux has no stable API. The vga_switcheroo module
>>> only provides some temporary hacks via debugfs. Therefore, the
>>> situations you describe are not what this patch tries to address. It
>>> rather tries to fix the problem where weston uses a
>>> secondary/auxiliary GPU and then might not be able to drive the
>>> connectors.
> Is there anything that I could do to help in multi GPU scenarios? I am
> having a displaylink USB display adapter. I would be glad to do some
> work related to weston in supporting multiple GPUs / offloading
> rendering.

DisplayLink devices can be handled easily. This problem is more about
multiple internal GPUs.


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