Using Weston as my primary UI

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Thu Sep 6 12:09:06 PDT 2012

I switched from X to Weston a couple days ago.  The only thing
I've needed X for in that time was playing a movie, and thanks to
Alexander Preisinger I could've compiled mplayer with native Wayland
support instead.  Totem mostly works, but I can't get it to go into
fullscreen mode (since XWayland menus pop up but don't actually work).
mplayer worked the first time I ran it, but not after.

Firefox works well (via XWayland).  As long as you don't try to drag a tab,
which immediately crashes XWayland and takes out all apps running through

I'm not really using anything as a native Wayland client, which
is annoying.  The only problem with gnome-terminal is that the GTK+
clipboard gets disabled for Wayland if the X backend is also compiled in
(and gnome-terminal won't run without the X backend built).

And I don't think weston-terminal has clipboard capability.

And Terminology, written in EFL, can't do key combinations including ctrl
via Wayland ( ).  Looks pretty
neat though.  (Also interesting, when used via XWayland it consistently
segfaults Weston on startup.)

But generally, most things that work with X work fine with XWayland.

Getting fullscreen applications to pop up centered would really be nice.
It's kind of surprising how much of a pleasant relief it was to just not
have to manually center fullscreen mplayer under X.

Things can be kind of flickery (when resizing), with random glitches
pretty common.  Weston occasionally segfaults.  But with my minimal
expectations of a UI, it's pretty usable.

Supertuxkart still works (via xwayland).

It might be useful to mention more what's necessary to get gnome-terminal
working via Wayland.  Launch weston or weston-launch via dbus-launch, and
then run gnome-terminal with the --disable-factory argument.  So:

  dbus-launch ~/install/bin/weston-launch
  gnome-terminal --disable-factory # which you can put in ~/.config/weston.ini:

path=/usr/bin/gnome-terminal --disable-factory

And I just verified you can set environment variables in launcher items:

path=GDK_BACKEND=x11 /usr/bin/gnome-terminal --disable-factory

I'm using a Radeon video card, with RAOF's Radeon DDX (as I recently
changed the XWayland instructions to).  

I updated my "state of wayland" page:
Let me know where it's missing something / wrong.

I also updated my Wayland master build script, it had been checking out
an old cairo commit for a bug probably long since fixed, and the xwayland
repo urls needed to be updated:
Works on Ubuntu Quantal.  Probably works on Ubuntu Precise.  

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