Compiling weston on a Raspberry Pi

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Hello Marian,

Looking at the forum discussion I guess you intend to run wayland/weston
with drm backend on the Pi board. Correct me if I am wrong.

"Wayland" should straight away build for ARM as it has very minimal
and is hardware agnostic.

"Weston" is the hardware related part of the wayland project. A wayland
implementation of a compositor. So you would need a rendering backend that
works for your board so as to be able to run Weston. Weston right now
drm, X11, android and wayland itself as backends

I seem to agree with *twolife* 's comment in the forum. If Pi doesn't
provide DRM support then it wouldn't be possible to use weston's
One will have to write a new backed for the Pi board.

Is there a way to do GLES2 on the framebuffer directly? If there is a
way, you could get Weston running without X by writing a new backend. You
can follow Pekka's android back-end for understanding. With this though
you can't run GL clients on Wayland, but you might be able to run a few
simple clients like simple-shm, flower, dnd .. etc

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 12:18 PM, Marian Buschsieweke <
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> Hello everybody!
> I'm trying to compile wayland and weston on the raspberry pi. For those
> who not know: The Raspberry Pi is a 35$ ARM linux box with about 2W
> power consumption (see for more
> details).
> I already got wayland and cairo with EGL and GLESv2 support compiled
> and installed, but I'm having problems with weston.
> The raspberry pi provides a proprietary driver with EGL, GLESv2 and
> OpenVG support.
> I'm using to get libgbm working on
> the Pi.
> Is there someone who has a Raspberry Pi already got weston working on
> the Pi? Is it actually possible?
> I've seen that "qtwayland" does work on the Pi.
> Feel free to join discussion in the Raspberry Pi Forum:
> Thanks for you help!
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