new xwayland protocol

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at
Thu Sep 13 08:19:20 PDT 2012

Guys, here's the smoke signal for the new xwayland private protocol I've 
been working on. There are about 30 commits on all the repositories; let 
me know if there's a better way to organize this eventually:


It features the X window manager separate from the Wayland compositor, 
the new window positioning mechanism (forwarding global coordinates to 
X) and the approach of using two shell surfaces per X application (one 
for the frame and the other for the application itself).

There are a couple of things missing, bugs here and there and etc. 
Rotation is not implemented yet, selection neither, resize is not 
perfect but it's there and I'm seeing a race when closing application -- 
BTW this happens when using close_handler from toytoolkit; I could 
reproduce the same using the unique application we have that implements 
it, which is the image client. I'll be working on it next.

Given current Weston master is broken, I'm testing like this:
     $ ./src/weston
     $ export DISPLAY=:1
     $ xeyes & gedit & firefox & google-chrome


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