Simple debianised Wayland-on-DRM setup script

Mika Boström mika.bostrom at
Thu Sep 27 23:29:48 PDT 2012

I wanted a way to run and test a recentish Wayland on plain DRM, but
without having to manually install anything. After all, I'd probably
want to update the whole stack too.

Should anyone else feel a similar need, I hereby offer my setup script
for public consumption. I took existing debian packaging files and
modified them just enough to provide me a working Wayland 0.95 on
(intel) DRM backend stack. The basic idea was that I could install and
get rid of the entire custom-built stack by using the standard package
management tools, never having to worry about mismatched library versions.

You can download the script and debian packaging files from:  (single tarball)

WARNING: running the script *will* butcher your Debian installation. Use
it only on a dedicated development box!


 Mika Boström / mika.bostrom at
 Software Architect

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