Gamma correct rendering with Wayland and Weston

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Sun Sep 30 07:10:42 PDT 2012

In reply to John Kåre Alsaker Fri Sep 28 08:52:17 PDT 2012

> - srgb:
> 	Rendering in linear gamma:
> 		If the hardware supports sRGB textures:
> 			EGL: Use sRGB textures and present it as linear gamma to shaders.
> 		If the hardware doesn't support sRGB textures:
>			Shader: Convert from sRGB to linear gamma.
> - rgb:
> 	Rendering in sRGB gamma:
> 		Shader: Convert from linear to sRGB gamma.

"sRGB textures" implies supporting the sRGB colour space on textures.
Is such a texture meant to tell the display system to do final colour 
conversion from sRGB to monitor colour space? Are non sRGB colour spaces 
still possible like CIE*XYZ or LStar-RGB.icc for "sRGB textures"?

However you write only about gamma. That is confusing.
sRGB is defined with colour primaries inside the CIE*XYZ space + gamma 
encoding, that is what you appear to be referring to, and exact viewing 
conditions [1]. Gamma is only one part of the sRGB standard. If you realy 
refere to just gamma, then your functions can not be standard compliant 
and logical you should avoid sRGB or make clear that you only refere to a 
subset of that standard. The term "sRGB texture" would be highly 
inappropriate for gamma encoding.

Gamma, including the sRGB gamma flavor, belongs to a logical layer called 
gamma correction [2]. On the opposite, colour management needs proper 
knowledge of the used gamma, in order to work properly.

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management +


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