[ANNOUNCE] xkbcommon 0.3.0

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Mon Apr 1 10:34:13 PDT 2013

It gives me great pleasure etc to announce xkbcommon 0.3.0.  This is
mostly a bugfix and consolidation release, with no fun new features
(and no API/ABI breaks), aside from:
  * a new xkb_keymap_new_from_buffer entrypoint, to support
non-NULL-terminated strings courtesy of David Herrmann, which could
also be useful to support other, non-string-based, formats in the
  * xkb_keymap_new_from_names now accepts a NULL parameter for names
in order to use the defaults;
  * XKB_DEFAULT_* environment variables to change the default keymap names.

We've also fixed a number of bugs, build cleanly with clang, and have
a far more comprehensive test suite.  As ever, we welcome bug reports,
fixes and improvements, particularly if you're trying to use xkbcommon
in your application or library.

git tag: xkbcommon-0.3.0

MD5: 22a046100738f99b4cc0297aa210f4e4  libxkbcommon-0.3.0.tar.xz
SHA1: 9407f4f4a5d94b1d1cfbba387b90f763d7740508  libxkbcommon-0.3.0.tar.xz

Daniel (and Ran)

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