Wayland and Weston 1.1 just around the corner

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 20:13:36 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I've tagged 1.0.90 in the wayland and weston repos.  I've been holding
back on merging some bigger or intrusive changes recently and the
reason is that I'd like to get 1.1 out soon.  I don't know if I
mention this on the list yet, but I'd like to do quarterly releases of
wayland and weston for now.

I was hoping to get 1.1 done end of March., but it was important to
get Jonas timestamp fix in first.  The other blocker that I pushed a
fir for today was the ability to run the test suite as root.  The
patch to enforce weston-launch on KMS (32069c09ea) breaks the test
suite on KMS which still just runs weston.  So for now we'll allow
running weston with the KMS backend without weston-launch if you're
root.  Weston and wayland master branches are both in good shape and
with the 1.0.90 tagged today, I expect we can release 1.1 at the end
of the week.

Last time I talked about the next major release I called it 1.2:


but I realized that the jump from 1.0 to 1.2 was confusing a lot of
people.  Using 1.0.90 as the configure.ac version during development
on git master works just as well as 1.1.0, and lets us call the next
release 1.1.0.  Reading that email, it's also interesting to revisit
the features I were hoping we could get into 1.1:

 • Jans IM + OSK work.  This has been moving along very nicely, but I
   don't feel we're ready to include it as core wayland protocol in
   1.1.  We're still working on the ibus integration and with GNOME
   moving to wayland, we now have a chance to evaluate the solution in
   a complete desktop environment before we set anything in stone.

 • XWM split out as a client.  The core feature in this work was about
   avoiding the deadlock between X and the X WM in weston.  We fixed
   this by making the authentication step asynchrohous instead.

 • Remote rendering functionality.  I cleaned up the branch but it's
   still only at the proof of concept state.  It has most of the
   pieces in place, but there are still many crashers left.  I've been
   tempted to just merge it since it doesn't affect the rest of the
   code much (like hardenings RDP backend which I recently merged),
   but it still seem a little too rough.  The most recent branch is
   here, for what it's worth:


 • Subsurface / surface group.  We're almost there with subsurfaces,
   but Pekka got sidetracked by another task at Collabora so we'll
   have to move this to the 1.2 release as well.

I took a look at git history since 1.0 to try to sum up what we did
since then.  A big part of 1.1 development was optimizations, bug
fixes and documentation work, but we did end up with a few new
features too:

 • Raspberry Pi backend (Pekka)

 • Optimize damage handling when moving surfaces in and out of planes (Ander)

 • Scanout of transformed buffers (Ander)

 • Touch screen calibration feature and client (Rob Bradford)

 • pixman renderer (Vasily Khoruzhick)

 • SDK for out-of-tree module development

 • Use EXT_buffer_age in KMS backend (Ander)

 • fbdev backend (Philip Whitnall)

 • RDP backend (Hardening)

 • Headless backend (Ander)

If I forgot something, let me know.


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