node.js bindings for wayland-client

Henri Tuhola henri.tuhola at
Sat Apr 13 07:34:49 PDT 2013

There are few things I haven't ironed out, but otherwise the wayland/client
-bindings for node.js seem to be working now.

Wayland bindings for dynamic languages are important for easy setup of
experiments where you get the chance to try out new desktop UI concepts in
a real environment. It hopefully leads to some real improvements into the
Linux desktop.

All right, they're nice as well if you want to quickly hack up something
simple or try out a toolkit design. Besides, the wayland protocol appears
to really fit into the coffeescript.

Git repository:

My study about the wayland-client:

Discussion in node.js about the bindings:!topic/nodejs/zOQPHIVaNX8
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