xserver deelopments

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 13:03:41 PDT 2013

Daniel Stone wrote:

> Actually, rather than use a different set of configs, I'd rather have
> a MatchBackend key which would ignore the section, or file, if
> specified.  So you could have the same files, but with a MatchBackend
> "wayland" key to specify the bits you wanted to apply to XWayland.
> How's that?

I guess you are saying that xwayland will ignore all xorg.conf and 
xorg.conf.d sections if they dont have "MatchBackend: wayland" key in 
them? What do existing xorg servers do if they see this key? If it 
requires patching existing x servers then this is not a solution. And 
this prevents the compiled-in default in xwayland from working if an 
xorg.conf exists.

I fail to see the difference between this and making a different 
configuration file, though. It is just the two files pasted together 
with "MatchBackend: wayland" added to every section for the wayland 

The only piece of data that I can see being shared is the FontPath, 
which just does not seem worth the complexity of this solution.

>> Also it appears there are numerous bugs in wlshm that have been
>> fixed in wlegl.
> Any in particular? I'd like to pull those fixes over to my wlshm
> branch, and then move that to fd.o.

I don't have any fixes, I was just told that the bugs I am having (bad X 
window borders and the window is black until you resize it) do not exist 
in the default driver. And looking at the code it seems that about 90% 
is glue to X and only some small bits where it allocates buffers and 
sends them to wayland need changes.

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