[PATCH weston] introduces a setting to give permission to any client to do screenshots

Sebastian Wick sebastian at sebastianwick.net
Sun Dec 15 16:51:20 PST 2013

Am 2013-12-16 00:52, schrieb Timothée Ravier:
> polkit could also be used for the whole process of deciding whether a
> screenshot action is allowed or not:
> * The compositor would first request authorization for the screenshot
> action to polkit;
> * polkit would check if the action is legitimate using the 
> authorization
> rules defined on the system;
> * If no rules matches, a dialog requesting confirmation by the user is
> displayed;
> * If the polkit answer is positive, the compositor would launch the
> screenshot application.
> Adding rules is a little bit more difficult in this case, but this has
> the advantage of reusing an already developed architecture.
> Cheers

Sounds like a good plan but I still don't understand why the application
must be started by the compositor. What exactly is the benefit?

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