Wayland and Weston 1.4 alpha snapshot (1.3.91) available

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 00:17:23 PST 2013

Hello list,

We made it to Dec 16th and it's time to put out an alpha release and
start winding down the feature work.  The alpha release has all the
features in it that I was hoping to get done for 1.4 and it's time to
start fixing bugs and get the quality level back up.  I've uploaded
tarballs and tagged Wayland and Weston repos with 1.3.91 tags:

  be418806d9fa2e64af96727f0a1125c1402a5ffe  wayland-1.3.91.tar.xz
  01bde6319f49ba9c943b1edad32efa10336b4685  wayland 1.3.91 tag

  2720946aa590aa893be87d96c145314c09ce8360  weston-1.3.91.tar.xz
  fccb57d24daa516b3639a3a08ece1fd3b835a945  weston 1.3.91 tag

The plan now is to start testing, and we'll do QA run on the alpha
release here at Intel and work on fixing the bugs that come out of
that as well as the bugs we already have in the bug tracker.  Then
we'll do a beta release on January 2nd and one on January 9th and then
release 14 on January 15th.

This is not a hard feature freeze though.  We can still let in smaller
features, such as a new config option to tweak existing functionality,
for example.  As long as we're not looking at a big rewrite or a
subtle change to core compositor functionality.  Also, I consider
xdg-shell somewhat exempt as that's not a stable interface for 1.4,
just as long as the changes don't impact core shell functionality too

Also, after this week (from Friday December 20th), I'm out on vacation
for two weeks and will be checking email even more sporadically.  This
does overlap with the December 2nd beta release, but I exepect I'll be
able to get it out regardless.


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