Payload size and text.xml in weston

Michael Hasselmann michael at
Tue Dec 17 12:27:18 PST 2013

On Mon, 2013-12-16 at 11:52 +0900, Elvis Lee(KwangWoong Lee) wrote:
> I just started to feel that something is wrong on our implementation.
> Anyway let me explain current state.
> 'set_surrounding_text' carries whole text of input box(UX). Now it's
> used to support an action 'clear all' with Maliit virtual keyboard.

> 'Clear all' means to delete whole text in the input box. So the 
> IME(VKB) needs to know whole length of the contents in the box. 

Hm no. 'Clear all' is the equivalent of sending an empty commit string
or synthesizing an input method event that carries an empty commit
string on the client side. Cursor position and offset for the commit
string can just be set to min/max int. That way there is no need to
compute the additional information ;-)

> Also I thought(felt) that 'set_surrounding_text' is for text
> selection. If it is, what happens when user drags whole text in an
> input box?

set_surrounding_text is sensitive to the cursor position. If there's no
cursor then there is no (valid) surrounding text.

> I didn’t get this part. - Read: client-side decision/controlled by UI
> toolkit.
> Is it a document?

Ah sorry, I meant 'Read: …' as an alternative explanation, in the sense
of "With other words, …".

ciao Michael

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