Announcing Termistor, a drop-down, tabbed, terminal for Wayland

David Herrmann dh.herrmann at
Fri Dec 27 03:44:29 PST 2013


On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 10:47 PM, Giulio Camuffo
<giuliocamuffo at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've finally found a way to squeeze good performances out of my
> terminal embryo I've had for a few months, so I hereby announce the
> birth of the first drop-down (optionally), tabbed, terminal for
> Wayland! Obligatory screenshoot:
> It's a Qt5 client, and uses libtsm for the background work. Given
> Wayland clients don't know where they are nor they can tell the
> compositor where they want to be I came up with a draft of a
> protocol[0] where the client sends a surface and the server then
> arranges for showing and hiding it.
> There are some things yet to solve though. The biggest one is the
> binding to show/hide the surface. Like, should the client or the
> server dictate what binding to use? Should it allow many drop-down
> clients to exist at the same time? To be visible at the same time?
> I've implemented the protocol in my shell plugin for Weston,
> 'Nuclear'[1], with an hardcoded F11 binding.
> Termistor is still lacking many features, the selection for one, but
> this is yet another step to ditching X for me.

Nice to see this getting somewhere, looks quite promising! If you have
questions regarding libtsm, let me know. I have skimmed through your
code and the Screen object is actually not needed anymore. Since
libtsm-3, we have ageing support in libtsm so it only renders changed
lines. I rewrote wlterm [1] to use gtk+ and it now serves as minimal
libtsm example (in case you want some reference code).

I'm looking forward to further improvements. If something's missing,
feel free to send me patches.


[1] wlterm:

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