[RFC] Global binding

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 13:51:19 PST 2013

Quentin Glidic wrote:

> Here is the simple way I think we could solve this problem: a
> wl_seat.bind(action) request.
> The first important point is here: the client only binds an *action*.
> The action is a describing string and does not leak the key which is
> bound. There would be a set of standard actions, some vendors ones, and
> user custom ones (which application would have to support too with a
> custom setting).

I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Users want to say "this 
button does this action" in the program that is going to perform the 
action, if there is any choice. I am a little stumped as to what 
security or usability problem you are trying to solve.

Events should certainly be decoded to more like the xkeysym level by the 
compositor, so you can get the "volume up key" without having to figure 
out which scan code is that key. But that decoding should not be 
specific to this binding api.

> The third point: which application to send the events to
> The fourth (optional?) point: the compositor can have complex heuristics
> to prefer one client to another.

Just allow the client to say "I did not use the action" and the 
compostor can send it to the next client. Probably should not send it as 
a "normal" event every however:

> Last but not least: what about input statistics applications?

They are probably interested in everything that happens and will need a 
different api? This is why ignored actions never turn into normal events.

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