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Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at
Thu Feb 7 18:30:26 PST 2013


Here's the patch queue update.  Since last time, we've removed a few
items from the list:

 - I merged the fbdev backend,

 - Pekkas "Inherit parent transform" series is going to be part of the
   sub-surface work, and

 - Tiagos is now fixing the xwayland deadlock by making dri2 auth
   non-blocking.  This replaces most of the xwm series, except for the
   mechanism to move X windows to match their wayland surfaces

With that, here's what's on the list now:

* Probe-area (Robert Bradford)

  - Looks good, what we've discussed in the past.  Just need
    documentation update to describe self-destruction of result object.

  - Tweaks from Pekka?

* Per-output workspaces (Jonas Ådahl)

  - Patches on list, discussed the core stacking implementation with
    Jonas before, should be ok.

* xwayland test and non-blocking DRI2Auth implementation (Tiago Vignatti)

  - Two issues left in v4: need to verify request size early and need
    to append auth requests to list.  Test case should use the device
    name returned by DRI2Connect.

* Input Method Patches (Jan Arne Petersen)

   - Pekka Vuorela had a look, says it looks OK, I'll take a look soon.

   - New 5 patch series: clean ups, need to review.

* Subsurface (Pekka Paalanen)

  - Still work-in-progress.  There are a few corner cases around
    commit behavior and clipping that we need to get consensus on.
    Also, I think we need to allow recursive sub-surfaces.

* Language binding patches (Jason Ekstrand)

  - v2 looks good.  Not much happened since last time.

  - New series is "custom dispatchers".  Looks very clean, but some
    extra argument copying going on now.

* surface_data and surface panel list (Scott Moreau)

  - This one was in good shape at the last resend, but I think there
    was a few more issues we still we discussion.  I forget (sorry).

* resize from center (Scott Moreau)

  - I think we got stuck discussion how to trigger resize-from-center.
    I think we can just handle it in the compositor, by remembering
    the initial center (pre-resize) and then center the window there
    if shift is pressed during resize, and jump back to normal
    resizing if shift is released.

  - Scott said he got the idea working, but still some issues to work

* Gamma correct compositing patches (John Kåre Alsaker)

  - Would like to break this into two or three series: first series to
    do the dynamic shader creation using GLSL #ifdef and including a
    generated "#define YUV_SHADER" snippet first to determine which
    combination to compile.  Then the indirect rendering series and
    then the color correct compositing patches.

As always, if I'm missing your patches, let me know and I'll add them.


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