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Fred Ollinger follinge at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 08:02:14 PST 2013

Why not have an external api which does not change?

Surely there is functionality that plugin authors will want which will
not change?

I know that one objection is that there's the question of who is going
to maintain the glue b/w the external and internal. Perhaps we can
leave that to the plugin authors...



>> Now, I don't want this to slow down what we can do with weston
>> internals, so this won't be stable API across major releases for the
>> forseeable future.  But for a stable branch we should be able to avoid
>> breaking the plugin API.  For 1.0 for example, we haven't changed the
>> API or ABI at all.
>> Another caveat is that this doesn't imply that the exported API is
>> particular useful or coherent.  I think what we have is fairly decent
>> though, it's just that we never developed it with an eye to be an
>> external, self-contained API.  So we may be exposing too little or too
>> much or there may be broken or inconsitent stuff in there.  But I
>> think the first step towards working this out is to try to expose the
>> API and just be careful about not promising too much in
>> terms of usefulness or stability initially.
> Thanks,
> pq
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