Patch queue update

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at
Fri Feb 15 16:45:37 PST 2013

Hi all,

Here's the patch queue update for today.  Since last time, I've merge
Tiagos non-blocking auth for xwayland and Jans input method patches.
New on the list is the FreeBSD porting patches from Philip.  I was
hoping to go through Jonas' per-output workspace series this week, but
the 1.0.5 release and bug-fixing took up quite a bit of my time.


* FreeBSD patches (Philip Withnall, Feb 15)

  - Doesn't look too invasive, but need to review in detail.

* Probe-area (Robert Bradford)

  - Looks good, what we've discussed in the past.  Just need
    documentation update to describe self-destruction of result object.

  - Tweaks from Pekka?

  - Pending verification in GTK+, potential issue with right-side clipping?

* Per-output workspaces (Jonas Ådahl, Jan 26)

  - Patches on list, discussed the core stacking implementation with
    Jonas before, should be ok.

* Subsurface (Pekka Paalanen)

  - Still work-in-progress.  There are a few corner cases around
    commit behavior and clipping that we need to get consensus on.
    Also, I think we need to allow recursive sub-surfaces.

  - Up to v2 now.  Verified useful for maliit and Qt decorations.

* Language binding patches (Jason Ekstrand)

  - v2 looks good.  Not much happened since last time.

  - New series is "custom dispatchers".  Looks very clean.

* surface_data and surface panel list (Scott Moreau)

  - This one was in good shape at the last resend, but I think there
    was a few more issues we still we discussion.  I forget (sorry).

* resize from center (Scott Moreau)

  - I think we got stuck discussion how to trigger resize-from-center.
    I think we can just handle it in the compositor, by remembering
    the initial center (pre-resize) and then center the window there
    if shift is pressed during resize, and jump back to normal
    resizing if shift is released.

  - Scott said he got the idea working, but still some issues to work

  - Patches on list to implement this, tested and briefly reviewed.

* Gamma correct compositing patches (John Kåre Alsaker)

  - Would like to break this into two or three series: first series to
    do the dynamic shader creation using GLSL #ifdef and including a
    generated "#define YUV_SHADER" snippet first to determine which
    combination to compile.  Then the indirect rendering series and
    then the color correct compositing patches.

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