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Scott Moreau oreaus at
Thu Feb 28 17:34:33 PST 2013

> * surface_data and surface panel list (Scott Moreau)
>   - This one was in good shape at the last resend, but I think there
>     was a few more issues we still we discussion.  I forget (sorry).

Hi Kristian, you reviewed the main patch and commented here:
I haven't forgot about it, I plan to fix the issues you mentioned and
continue with

> * resize from center (Scott Moreau)
>   - I think we got stuck discussion how to trigger resize-from-center.
>     I think we can just handle it in the compositor, by remembering
>     the initial center (pre-resize) and then center the window there
>     if shift is pressed during resize, and jump back to normal
>     resizing if shift is released.
>   - Scott said he got the idea working, but still some issues to work
>     out.

Right, so the main problem here is not resize from center but the ability
to toggle
between this mode and normal resizing. See the comment here:

- Scott
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