[PATCH RFC 4/4] x11 backend: add option to use pixman renderer

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Sun Jan 6 02:39:10 PST 2013


On 06.01.2013 10:12, Vasily Khoruzhick wrote:
> +	/* Check if SHM is available */
> +	version = xcb_shm_query_version_reply(c->conn, xcb_shm_query_version(c->conn), 0);
> +	if (!version)
> +		/* SHM is missing */
> +		return -ENOENT;
> +	weston_log("Found SHM extension version: %d.%d\n", version->major_version, version->minor_version);
> +	free(version);

Welcome to the extension-weirdness. This won't work (if the SHM extension is

The SHMQueryVersion request is just there to check if the X server has the
required version of the SHM extension, because the X11 protocol doesn't have
version numbers on extension. Before you can use this request, you first have to
check if the SHM extension is present.

However, since you don't actually need to check any version, just the following
should be enough:

const xcb_query_extension_reply_t *ext =
         xcb_get_extension_data(c->conn, &xcb_shm_id);
if (ext == NULL || !ext->present)
     return -ENOENT;
/* Do *NOT* free(ext) */

If you try to send a SHMQueryVersion request when the X11 server does not have
the SHM extension, the xcb connection will break and go into an error state.
This doesn't make any difference for this patch, since weston will die with an
error message anyway, but it's still nicer to do the proper extension check.

"Why make things difficult, when it is possible to make them cryptic
and totally illogical, with just a little bit more effort?" -- A. P. J.

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