Creating a Window Manager to use Wayland (that's not in C)

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> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> maybe the EGL bits, if you plan to support hardware accelerated
>> graphics on clients, but I think that's optional. Hardware accelerated
>> clients will basically give you an EGLImage in the server, which you
>> usually turn into GL textures.
>> As for the language bindings, this might be of interest to comment on:
>> Thanks,
>> pq
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> Kristof,
> I'm currently working on something similar in Java for the Android  
> platform.  I'm getting close to the point where I >can throw my java  
> binding code up on GitHub in case that's helpful.  I'd love to see some  
> of your thoughts on >language bindings.  Haskell in particular would  
> provide a different perspective on language binding that could prove  
> >very useful.  I also suggest you check out the link in pq's e-mail.
> --Jason Ekstrand
To Pekka Paalanen: I'm quite new at graphical programming and I think I'd  
rather just use straight Cairo to avoid headaches. Thank you for the link  
to that email, though, it was quite helpful. =)

To Jason Ekstrand: In this email:  
Høgsberg instead suggests to use the XML protocol instead of generating  
bindings directly to the C code. Why did you take the route you did?

Also, my opinion is rather irrelevant because I'm certainly not a Haskell  
guru and couldn't possibly have anything to contribute! Yes, once you post  
the Java bindings on GitHub, I would very much appreciate a notice on this  
mailing list to let everyone know.

Oh, and lastly, I would ask you if you think it's better to simply bind  
the C library itself or do something else?
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