[PATCH] fbdev: Add an fbdev compositor backend using pixman and evdev

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at verizon.net
Sat Jan 19 10:12:44 PST 2013


I tried experimenting with the latest fbdev-backend on my Live CD on an old Intel laptop and it seems to work pretty good.

However I did run into a few problems with VirtualBox which isn't really the fault of fbdev-backend, but problems that prevented it from working.

I tried to use Weston with fbdev on a test build of my Live CD on Virtual Box:
It seems that either something in the Casper scripts, or udev prevents /dev/fb0 from being created when starting as a live CD.
however once I install and boot the same system, I have a /dev/fb0, which allows me to use the fbdev-backend under VirtualBox. Frome here I have to pass a VGA= option to the installed kernel with GRUB, or get a weston session with the size of 640x480. 

(I found that some applications that use the framebuffer (such as fbterm) try to fall back to using VESA, but it seems it requires root access I think, so I don't know if this is possible for Weston.)

So it seems that even on cards that support the framebuffer, a framebuffer device is not always created. Would this probably end up being a job for the weston-launch helper to possibly use udev to create /dev/fb0, (and maybe even change the size)?
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