[PATCH 00/18] Input method support patches

Pekka Vuorela pvuorela at iki.fi
Tue Jan 22 13:30:47 PST 2013

On 16.01.2013 22:26, Jan Arne Petersen wrote:
> From: Jan Arne Petersen <jpetersen at openismus.com>
> There are some penfing input method support patches. I rebased them on master.
> * Add pre-edit styling support to the text protocol and the
> keyboard and editor examples. The editor example client
> depends on pango (for text layout) now.
> * Support content types in text protocol. Content is defined by a hint
> bitmask and a purpose field.
> * Add invoke_action request to text protocol. Called by the client when the word
> currently being composed is tapped by the user. Input methods often use this
> information to offer more word suggestions to the user.
> * Fix weston key bindings with input methods
> * Fix some input_panel issues in shell
> Jan Arne Petersen (18):
>    text: add pre-edit styling support to protocol
>    text: add serial argument to text protocol
>    editor: support commit on reset
>    keyboard: Add support for pre-edit styling
>    editor: add support for pre-edit styling
>    text: Add content type support to text protocol
>    keyboard: Add support for a numeric layout
>    editor: Add content type example
>    text: add support for invoke_action request
>    editor: add support for invoke_action
>    keyboard: add support for invoke_action
>    simple-im: fix for protocol changes
>    text: fix weston key bindings with input methods
>    doc: add some more text protocol documentation
>    editor: Add support for backspace keysym events
>    shell: Do not crash when hiding input_panel
>    shell: Do not hang after setting input_panel twice
>    text: Move input_panel interface to input-method

FWIW went thru these with emphasis on protocols and mostly looking good 
to me. Few small comments but ok to merge as is, as far as I'm concerned.

1/16: struct preedit_info on editor is a bit confusing since there is 
also struct preedit with similar data. Perhaps could name as something 
like struct pending_preedit_info?

2/16: serial could have also some documentation. From the code I assume 
keyboard sending back last serial number commands from application side 
included. To be noted that with editor.c serial is text entry specific, 
so when activating a new entry, there might still come some events with 
serial number from the previous field, no?

16/16: cut&pasted code having a typo :)

<request name="set_toplevel">
+      <description summary="set the surface type as a keyboard">
+	A keybaord surface is only shown, when a text model is active

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