Patch queue + signs of life

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Thu Jan 24 17:17:32 PST 2013


I'm still here, I've just been sick for almost a week and am now
starting to get back on my feet (and back to the keyboard).  I had a
pass over the patches on the list and there was a lot of good work
there, and even better, a lot of the patches have already gone through
a few rounds of good review.  Thanks, I really appreciate that.  And
thanks David for catching that embarassing missing return value, that
would have been awful to release in 1.0.4.

Speaking of 1.0.4, it's obviously late by a week by now, but I hope I
can send it out after this.

Anyway, below is the new version of the patch queue.  Just to clarify
(since Pekka brought it up), just because a patch series is on the
list doesn't mean I'm just about to commit it.  We track everything
from early RFC patches to the last few resends of almost
ready-to-commit patches.  The goal is to track work going on once it's
been posted to the list, however early in development, all the way to
commit, so we don't accidentally lose patches.


* xwayland test and non-blocking DRI2Auth implementation (Tiago Vignatti)

  - Test case looks good, DRI2Auth impl needs review.

* DRM Pixman Renderer (Ander Conselvan de Oliveira)

  - Mostly good to go, all questions answered on list.  We need v2
    with --use-pixman docs and without 4/7 so we keep initializing
    hotplugged EGL outputs.

* Input Method Patches (Jan Arne Petersen)

   - Pekka Vuorela had a look, says it looks OK, I'll take a look soon.

* Inherit parent transform (Pekka Paalanen)

  - Prep work for subsurface.  Idea looks ok, just few nitpicks to
    discuss before committing.

* Subsurface (Pekka Paalanen)

  - Still work-in-progress.  There are a few corner cases around
    commit behavior and clipping that we need to get consensus on.
    Also, I think we need to allow recursive sub-surfaces.

* xwm series (Tiago Vignatti)

  - Looking at the reasons we would do this, we're down to just doing
    this for the increased robustness of running xwm in a separate
    process.  This comes with the added complexiy of having a new
    interface and even more synchronization hassle between the three
    processes, so it's not a clear win.

  - The series also introduces the feature of keeping toplevel X
    window positions in sync with wayland position and letting X place
    popups.  This makes sense and is what makes X clients work much
    better under weston, but is orthogonal to splitting xwm into a
    separate process.

  - Reflecting wayland surface position into X has to be synchronized
    with mapping the window, so that clients receive the configure
    event with the initial position before the map-notify event.

* /dev/fb backend (Philip Withnall)

  - Up to v3 now, waiting for v4 with Pekkas final comments addressed,
    and the full modeset on vt enter as David points out.  With those
    changes I expect we can commit v4.

* language binding patches (Jason Ekstrand)

  - v2 looks good.  Not much happened since last time.

* surface_data and surface panel list (Scott Moreau)

  - This one was in good shape at the last resend, but I think there
    was a few more issues we still we discussion.  I forget (sorry).

* resize from center (Scott Moreau)

  - I think we got stuck discussion how to trigger resize-from-center.
    I think we can just handle it in the compositor, by remembering
    the initial center (pre-resize) and then center the window there
    if shift is pressed during resize, and jump back to normal
    resizing if shift is released.

* Gamma correct compositing patches (John Kåre Alsaker)

  - Would like to break this into two or three series: first series to
    do the dynamic shader creation using GLSL #ifdef and including a
    generated "#define YUV_SHADER" snippet first to determine which
    combination to compile.  Then the indirect rendering series and
    then the color correct compositing patches.

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