Wayland and Weston 1.0.4 releases are out

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 17:48:42 PST 2013

Hi all,

Here are the 1.0.4 release, a week later than promised:

    2f65654a54366cacd39a69bc5a41fea21b357e34  wayland-1.0.4.tar.xz
    9ebb18418a1c3dccc19d3931766240b54227f131  wayland 1.0.4 tag

    6f51fe78151ba2854f6cf6a41244c34f39c1d6de  weston-1.0.4.tar.xz
    e4cd90e6bd5ac72a40d87f7da2cd1fd9c8455513  weston 1.0.4 tag

As a reminder, the main reason for this release is the fix for CPU
eating bug in the Weston plane code.  Aside from that I added a few
documentation fixes (new weston.ini and the typo in weston-launch
help).  On the Wayland side, we have destroy signal APIs for
wl_display and wl_event_loop, as well as a more robust version of the
event loop test case.

And that's all.


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