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> Here is the weston log, hope it can help.


I see PowerVR SGX as the renderer, what hardware is this? Please,
explain the hardware, monitors and their connections, what kernel and
user space drivers you use, etc.

(Also, a pre-0.95 Weston.)

> ----- With one mouse plugged in, two mouse cursor on each output and move
> in the same way and position - seems like clone mode, but actually works
> in extended mode. We are using Weston, backend is drm-backend.

My wild guess at this point would be a kernel driver bug, since I have
never heard of such mouse cursor problem on PCs.

I wonder if hardware cursors are being used...

Can you check with libwayland and Weston master revision?


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> > Hi,
> > We are trying to enable two applications display on two screens separately. Currently we can drag the application another screen.
> > But the "mouse" always appears on both screens. And we don't know how to display the application on selected screen by default when it's launched.
> > The questions are:
> > 
> > 1.      How the application choose which screen to display in multi-display mode?
> So far the shell protocol has output definitions only in the set_maximized and set_fullscreen requests. You have to extend the protocol for other cases, as there is no way yet.
> The shell interfaces are far from complete at this time.
> What application is this? Is it a generic application, or some desktop environment component?
> > Is there any configuration file for it ? (We don't want to modify and 
> > recompile the applications.)
> No. You will need to modify and recompile anyway, if not the application, then the toolkit, to take advantage of any features that might allow choosing the initial output.
> > 2.      How to configure the mouse display in multi-display mode?
> > 
> > We want only one mouse all the time.
> Are you saying that you see several mouse cursors at the same time, one on each output, while having only one pointer device? If so, that is a Weston bug. Do they both move, or does always only one of them move?
> What Weston backend are you using? Are you even using Weston?
> Thanks,
> pq
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