xorg.conf sample for xwayland with wlshm DDX.

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Mon Jan 28 21:53:19 PST 2013


I am currently on a machine that has a nvidia graphics but i am running
into issues with xwayland with the nouveau DDX .. i had started a help
thread to which i am still waiting for a response from the wayland team.

Mean while i was trying to use the wlshm DDX which is generic and uses
software rendering as per the xwayland documents.

the guide also says that to let X load the wlshm module..  wlshm requires
an xorg.conf containing 'Driver "wlshm"'

i am not sure how to put an entry like this in the
$WLD/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf conf file..

can anyone  please suggest me how a working .conf file looks like so that
the wlshm module is loaded by X?

And is the conf file above that i mentioned correct place to make any such
modification? I guess once the correct env vars are exported .. the forked
X from weston should use the conf files from the $WLD path and not from the
/usr/share location? Please correct if i am wrong.

Thanks n Regards,

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