[PATCH RFC] Allow configuration of output positions

Florian Scandella flo at chilicode.com
Sun Jul 7 12:00:06 PDT 2013

On 25/06/13 12:05, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
> Hi,
> yeah, the basic approach seems fine to me. You can get an arbitrary
> amount of outputs for testing, if you add this functionality to the x11
> backend. 
Will try to implement it backend independent if possible.

> It would also be useful to test and guard against crazy(?)
> configurations, like multiple position keys in one output section, or
> impossibilities like A:left-of-B combined with B:left-of-A or longer
> loop. It would be cool to add that to the test suite.

The current implementation guards against such kind of loops. The final
ordering will be undefined but i think theres not much else you can do
about it.

> I also see you are trying to cope with dynamic output changes, that's
> good, even though Weston on other parts (especially shell) does not
> handle it.
> There are some coding style issues, like operator spacing, and line
> lengths.
> I didn't review the algorithm, though one thing coming to my mind is,
> if you have configured outputs A-B-C in that layout, and only A and C
> are present, are they positioned properly?
Currently not, as soon as  B appears it will be. An interresting
problem, will have to think about it.

> If you want comments on the code, you should send it inline. We cannot
> easily quote an attachment in email.
> Don't worry about the xrandr-replacement for now, it is somewhat
> orthogonal to this.
> Primary output is probably more of a shell concept than a Weston core
> concept, but I guess you could propose something. I would think that
> the core would use it only for the initial position of a pointer, when
> a wl_pointer first appears. The shell would do its own stuff if it
> wishes.
> Thanks,
> pq
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