[PATCH wayland 2/2] build: Add wayland-scanner.pc.

Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) eduardo.lima at linux.intel.com
Wed Jul 10 15:32:18 PDT 2013

On 07/10/2013 07:27 PM, Daiki Ueno wrote:
> Hi Eduardo,
> "Eduardo Lima (Etrunko)" <eduardo.lima at linux.intel.com> writes:
>> Is there any specific reason why is the .pc file not being installed in
>> standard $(libdir)/pkgconfig such as the others? In ths case the patch
>> would simply be something like:
>> +pkgconfig_DATA += wayland-scanner.pc
> It is because wayland-scanner.pc is arch-independent, while others are
> arch-dependent and may be installed in different libdir (e.g. /usr/lib
> or /usr/lib64) under multilib environment.  By default, pkg-config looks
> for datadir/pkgconfig as well as libdir/pkgconfig.
>> Weston fails to build if I don't add $(datadir)/pkgconfig to
>> PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment.
> Yes, it needs to be added if you are using custom buildroot.  Actually,
> jhbuild does that automatically:

Thanks for the clarification, I have already added it to my custom
script. I was looking at pkg-config guide and it says that by default it
searches on both directories.

Eduardo de Barros Lima (Etrunko)
Software Engineer, Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corporation
São Paulo, Brazil
eduardo.lima at linux.intel.com

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