New Wayland Live CDs (with Wayland 1.2)

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at
Sat Jul 13 10:26:16 PDT 2013


For anyone who wants to test Wayland 1.2, I have pushed out new ISOs of my Wayland Live CD project which is named after my favorite celebrity. 
(It actually has Wayland and Weston master, but at the ISO build time, the 1.2 release was the most recent commit to both repos)

I also recently rebuilt all of the external packages so that the latest fixes and features in GTK+, qt5, SDL, EFL and other applications can be used on this ISO.

I also fixed up the login manager a bit. I fixed the tty switching to a blank screen on login failure, the password is not stored in an environment variable, instead it's piped from the zenity password dialog into the expect shell which handles the login. expect stores it for a bit as a local expect variable, which does not store it in /proc/<pid>/environ. I think this is a bit more secure then what I had before. The login manager also supports mounting an encrypted home folder if you select it to be installed with Ubiquity

I also saw that many users found the 1.7GB ISO too large so now I have an alternate ISO at 965M, in which all -*dev packages are removed from it, as well as other development utilities, as well as symbols from the built binaries to reduce the ISO size. There shouldn't be anything noticeable that's different between these two ISOs. I also now allow remastersys to format the ISOs with isohybrid. I had in the past disabled the feature because I misunderstood the ISO hybrid warning, and assumed it would make the ISO unbootable on "some older BIOSes"

I've also come across some users who have had issues with the download from Sourceforge and the ISO being corrupt. Either check the checksum, or try running the ISO in a virtual machine before burning it to physical media.
		md5sum RebeccaBlackLinux_i386.iso 

		md5sum RebeccaBlackLinux_Reduced_i386.iso 
For best download speed and reliability, you might have to wait until the ISOs get replicated to all the Sourceforge mirrors.

The ISOs are available here:

And as always I have my build script source here:

For the next ISO, hopefully I can start trying to find some things to compile against kde frameworks 5, so that more KDE apps can be native Wayland clients.
I also will try to add more Wayland shells, such as plfiorini's hawaii, and giucam's orbital shell, instead of only having one (weston-desktop-shell), and allow them to be picked by the loginmanager, similar to the way we can select xsessions.

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