problem when running wayland

M.hanny sabbagh hannysabbagh at
Thu Jul 25 05:55:00 PDT 2013

Hello Everybody.
i don't know if this place is the best place for this , but i have a problem after a compiled wayland and weston from source on Ubuntu 13.04:
[10:47:37.037] weston 1.2.0                    Bug reports to:               Build: 1.2.0-1-g18684d4-dirty weston-launch: Ignore sighup (2013-07-22 16:34:41 -0700)[10:47:37.037] OS: Linux, 3.8.0-26-generic, #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 17 21:46:08 UTC 2013, i686[10:47:37.088] Loading module '/usr/local/lib/weston/'[10:47:37.095] initializing x11 backendweston: symbol lookup error: weston: undefined symbol: wl_global_create
as you can see the problem is in wl_global_create symbol, can i do something to define that symbol?
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