Weston release 1.1.1

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 23:12:23 PDT 2013


Here's the first bug fix release for the 1.1 branch, the weston 1.1.1
release.  There's no wayland 1.1.1 release, since there are no commits
since the 1.1.0 release that qualify for a stable release.

In weston, we have a good set of fixes.  Most importantly, Anders fix
for monitor hotplug (bugs 63812 and 64183).  We also have Robs fix for
crashing when we fail to open an evdev device (bug 64506), and Ander
fixed the missing DPMS on at startup (bug 64873).  Finally, we have
Sinclairs fix for our non-conformant glTexImage2D usage.  See the full
list below.

Tarballs available from http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases.html
as usual:

  5239afe177dadbded3c0018b55dd1045be5f84b2  weston-1.1.1.tar.xz
  b22b21f13f379e3de7d82ea45a4a69d085dc8ede  weston 1.1.1 tag


Weston fixes since 1.1.0:

b22b21f configure.ac: Bump version to 1.1.1
747d4ee Avoid unnecessarily re-allocating texture buffer when the size hasn't changed.
7583aff compositor-drm: Force DPMS state to ON after drmModeSetCrtc()
ba4e929 compositor-drm: Cache the DPMS property on drm_output
6737d1c build: Add declaration checks to check for required syscall flags
98be20f weston.pc: Added libexecdir and pkglibexecdir variables
3331ee8 udev-seat: Fail input setup only if no devices are found
47ba3a0 use _exit instead of exit if client fails to exec
8d7562e compositor-x11: Set original mode after current
0d78b9a compositor: Make backlight_current int32_t to avoid unsigned overflow
275481d compositor-drm: Log failure and which backlight sysfs file we're using
698edf4 weston-launch: Print explanation of why we failed to open the device
186775c Fix missing corner resize cursors in Kubuntu (oxy-white theme)
9caf77b text: Respawn input method process if it exits
504a780 compositor-drm: Don't page flip before a mode is set
5b65927 compositor-drm: Destroy sprites before destroying the outputs
310cee0 xwm: Reparent client windows into ARGB windows
225a0ee Fix not checking return value of drmIoctl function call to map dumb buffer
85480fa weston.ini: document background-type
6ab1353 Fix simple-egl tear-down order to prevent a crash on exit time
2e43720 window: Add a log handler for window.c clients

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