The way to use system cursor and custom(client) cursor

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Wed Jun 12 12:54:57 PDT 2013

Pekka Paalanen wrote:

> I guess the question for the Wayland developer community is, do we want
> such cursor theme settings in the shell protocol, or is that something
> that should be left for DEs to solve in their own configuration systems?

Any solution should involve everything the user calls "themes".

Historically clients that did nothing automatically get the "theme" for 
the cursor and for the window borders. But they had to write a whole lot 
of code to change the "theme" for the button widgts.

This historical artifact has led to lots of people saying these are 
somehow special and therefore there must be special api in Wayland for 
them. But this is illogical, the user sees no difference between them, 
so any solution must solve the buttons and every other "theme".

So there should be no special "this is the cursor theme" api in Wayland.

If some genius out there can design a "this is the entire theme" api 
then maybe Wayland can do that. But I suspect any attempt will by like 
.Xdefaults and be just as useless.

So I suspect leaving it for the DE's to solve would be the right 
approach. It would be nice if someday if they all agreed on a "theme 
library" that is not part of a toolkit but that toolkits can use to draw 
just like they share cairo to draw now.

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