[PATCH RFC] Allow configuration of output positions

Florian Scandella flo at chilicode.com
Thu Jun 13 12:59:55 PDT 2013


Can someone pls have a look at this patch?

I implemented configuration options for relativ output positioning in
weston.ini. Currently the implementation is private to the drm compositor,
but i think this can be generalized for all output drivers.
ATM it can only be configured in weston.ini, a dynamic way like xrandr
would be nice (now idea how to).
Next i want to introduce a concept of primary output, to center the
mouse on the right monitor on start, draw the launcher only there and
other stuff.

I'm new to wayland/weston, so i'm not sure if this is even the right
approach ...

only tested with 2 monitors, sadly i don't have more :)

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