minimized and stick windows

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Thu Jun 13 13:42:35 PDT 2013

sardemff7+wayland at wrote:

>> This is a requirement so that non-trivial clients can be written
>> that are not forced to blink the transient windows to change their
>> parenting.
> Do you have a use case for this scenario ? There are probably some I 
> cannot see, but maybe could we solve them another way.

A "toolbox" that must remain all of the N document windows, no matter 
which is raised.

I propose that rather than the client having to send a directed acyclic 
graph to describe this situation, it only has to send a tree but it can 
edit it . Before the client raises any document window it reparents the 
toolbox to the new top-most window.

> Same question, do you have a use case for a popup surface that you would
> reparent? For our current use case (menus, do we have another one?) this 
> is unlikely (afaict, I am not a toolkit guy).

The exact same situation, because a client needs to be able to turn a 
"popup" into a "transient", for instance if the user can pin the menu.

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