weston and hardware keyboard

Marc Chalain marc.chalain at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 09:08:02 PDT 2013


I already wrote an email on this mailing list about the use of xkbcommon
for embedded solution.
I had the same problem as Robert, and I disabled the check of the keymap.
The problem is that we have number of keyboards as input device, on the
same platform, and it's not possible to define a keymap for each one or a
global one.

My first observation is we need a PC keyboard support at the end ( often a
virtual keyboard).
The second one is that we have to handle key from keyboards without keymap.

The disabling of xkbcommon make the first integration on board easier, but
make an incomplete integration.

I think that a solution is to find a new way for hardware keyboard to add
with the xkbcommon.

I use the patch of Robert, it seems to be a first step, but some
modifications are useful.

Best regards,
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