[PATCH weston v2 1/3] toytoolkit: Allow operation without a keymap

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 19:55:35 PDT 2013

Daniel Stone wrote:

>> What I suspect is the minimum resulting xkb description where this client
>> still works is going to be a LOT smaller, and will be much closer to the
>> proposed gamepad evdev mapping.
> That doesn't fly for shortcuts, especially when you take into
> consideration things like Ctrl+Shift+W needing to trigger the 'close
> window' shortcut, even if you have multiple layouts active, and your
> current layout doesn't actually have a key which produces W.
> If you can think of a way to simplify this, please send concrete
> patches to GTK+, Qt and co., and when they've changed, we can later
> simplify xkbcommon.  But unfortunately in the last however many years,
> no-one's managed to come up with a better solution which actually
> works for all the real-world usecases, without the full keymap.

There would be a keysym that means "there is a 'W' printed on this key", 
and a keysym (or several) that means "this is a Shift key" and "this is 
a Ctrl key", and the client would wait for them all to be down.

Yes this would not work if there was no key with a 'W' printed on it on 
the keyboard. However in real software that is not how it works. 
Shortcuts are written as "Alt+Shift+4", not "Alt+$", they are based on 
physical keys, not on the symbols they can produce.

If software really wants to say "hold down Alt and type a 'W'" then it 
has to talk to the input method, since that is the only thing that knows 
how to make a 'W' (imagine an input method that produces 'w' when you 
type 'u' twice, perhaps in a compose sequence).

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