Wayland and weston 1.0.6 releases are out

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 08:12:09 PDT 2013


Here's another release in the 1.0 series and this time I really think
it's going to be the last one from the 1.0 branch.  We'll release 1.1
so and as the 1.0 and master branches diverge, it becomes harder and
harder to cherry-pick fixes from master.

On the wayland side it's mainly Jonas Ekstrand marshalling cleanup,
which should fix the 64 bit marshalling errors.  In weston we added
SDK support, libunwind for better backtraces when we crash, more
robust recovery up when we crash in general and lots of weston bug

Tarballs available from http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases.html
as usual:

  d60a63bd73f489fc1e44fd59ce9a50e1206d8fbf  wayland-1.0.6.tar.xz
  8c6fe682c29ead1f03c55656c5264812074c4efa  wayland 1.0.6 tag

  d39d487317ededb9d66365bc1402ee0bc5e20dd0  weston-1.0.6.tar.xz
  5e011244c80295345ee4616b76a45cd7cbe3204b  weston 1.0.6 tag


Wayland fixes since 1.0.5:

8c6fe68 configure.ac: Bump version to 1.0.6
8bb4d83 protocol: remove implicit attach semantics
ca53745 client: Invoke new_id closure arguments as pointers instead of integers
daa4e43 client: Check reference count only for destroyed proxies
b6a436e configure.ac: Use wayland_version macro in bug url
52dd28e Stylistic nitpicking
2551feb Clean up and refactor wl_closure and associated functions
b30be63 client: add wl_proxy_get_class()
4e7d212 scanner: Fix 'destroy)' typo in check for destroy request presence
9dc88f3 scanner: remove list_length in favor of wl_list_length

Weston fixes since 1.0.5:

5e01124 configure.ac: Bump version to 1.0.6
bebd46d weston-egl: Allow compilation against older EGL stack
379d5d9 weston.man: Document the way to disable idle timeout
d1b5df4 Revert "weston.ini: Use 'modeline' key for modeline example"
a486fe1 src/Makefile.am: Fix git-version.h for out of tree builds
eb4fa8e evdev: Wait for SYN event before sending events over to the client
71c1ef4 configure.ac: Lower version back to 1.0.5
72bead7 compositor-drm: Fix a crash with a fullscreen surface with driver mode
91c26ca Makefile.am: Distribute weston.ini sample
41fe245 Move weston-egl-ext.h include to gles2-renderer.c
acf948c compositor: Don't set DPMS state on start up
2566ebd Add missing builddir includes for version.h
d0239b8 weston.ini: Use 'modeline' key for modeline example
8ac6593 src/Makefile.am: Use $(libdir) instead of @libdir@
d27af2a Install header files and pkg-config file for external modules
9a576c3 compositor-drm: Remember to drop master in drm error handling
2584667 compositor: Use libunwind if available for better backtraces
5c936ad xwm: Don't leak pending.input region
5efb413 shell: Do not hang when mapping a popup twice
1d298b2 compositor: set data_device keyboard focus in seat_get_keyboard
230641a xkb: Don't call exit on failure in weston_compositor_xkb_init()
91fb4a9 shell: Set the DPMS state if the screensaver fails to launch or dies
04287fd xwm: Fix silly region math
a57d133 xwm: Fix input region regression from commit changes
8ee86c8 shell: Fix bug when input panel is shown twice
0831b75 shell: Add back ability to rotate unresponsive surfaces

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