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Sam Spilsbury smspillaz at
Mon Mar 25 03:12:03 PDT 2013

> The original compiz implementation is written in C. At the very end of
> 2008, 12/24, Compiz++ was unveiled. Compiz++ was a C++ version of
> compiz that was intended to be more easily maintainable.
> Unfortunately, all of the plugins had to be ported. The majority of
> this work was done by an aspiring college student, Sam Spilsbury.
> Eventually, Canonical realized that they wanted to do Unity but didn't
> really have the manpower required to do something entirely original.
> instead, the ployed to use compiz as a base platform for their Unity
> implementation. To this day, I still do support in #compiz. These
> days, it's mostly complaints about how 0.9.x is broken in fundamental
> ways that make the desktop unusable. Canonical severely damaged the
> compiz image with their disruptive and ever-so-misleadingly-named,
> Unity idea. Now, users are completely confused as to why compiz no
> longer works and why the stable version remains unpackaged and unused
> by distributions.
> It is noteworthy, that the original C implementation still works great
> to this day. The latest version is 0.8.9 and it can be found in the
> compiz-0.8 branches of compiz master. If anyone wants to help the
> compiz situation immediately, please go get this code and package it
> for ubuntu
> as many users will appreciate it. I know I would.

I appreciate that you want to move forward, but there is no need to
bash other projects or developers publicly, and incite animosity and
disunity in those projects.

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> Scott Moreau
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