Compiz is Dead - Beryl Lives Again? Enter - Northfield/Norwood

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Mon Mar 25 14:08:01 PDT 2013

On segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013 14.45.21, Scott Moreau wrote:
> Northfield stands on the shoulders of giants, years worth of work and
> history to get to the point where we are today. It has been some 8
> years since compiz has exposed these many restrictions found in X
> protocol. We want certain effects to be readily possible and are not
> inherently restricted by certain caveats of the display server
> protocol. I expect that wayland core protocol will be added to support
> the basic functionalities expected as part of todays Linux Desktop. I
> believe that there wont be any problems with this particular effect
> and others. However, I want to make absolutely sure of that.


What we're asking is that you avoid forking Wayland at all. Don't change the 
library, don't change the default extensions (including wl_shell), don't add 
new default extensions. You said you want to avoid incompatible changes: well, 
avoiding the fork also avoids the temptation.

Try to do your changes in a different extension. Copy the current wl_shell into 
a new one and modify it to your heart's desire. If, at the end of your 
experiment, you conclude that the current wl_shell is flawed by design, then 
Wayland should deprecate it and adopt yours. On the other hand, if we conclude 
that your improvements can be added incrementally, we can simply do exactly 

I'll ping you on IRC to discuss this. Several people have asked you to do it 
and you have either missed the point or failed to explain to us why the fork 
is necessary.

PS: compiz is also a bad example. It might have been a great experiment and 
resulted in improvements in most existing WMs, but it was a horrible WM. It 
had bugs with its core WM functionality that went unfixed for years.

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