minimized and stick windows

Rafael Antognolli antognolli at
Wed May 8 16:04:25 PDT 2013


I've been looking the Weston code relative to maximized windows, and
it seems that the respective code for minimized windows wouldn't be
hard to implement.

The questions are: are there any plans to add it? Is there someone
already working on it? If not, would it be OK if I start submitting
patches to try to add support for this?

Of course the minimize feature would be more useful if we had a
taskbar, or something like that, but I guess that having the code
necessary for just minimizing the window would already be great.

I also would like to implement, if possible the "sticky" window
feature (when a window is pinned, visible on every workspace). Is this
a desired feature too?

Rafael Antognolli

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