ANNOUNCE: Wayland Live CD that starts directly to Wayland

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Fri May 24 13:59:27 PDT 2013

New Wayland Live CD / First true Wayland Live CD.

Hi. Today I pushed out a new ISO of my Wayland Live CD project, which is named for my favorite celebrity.

For this new Wayland CD, I wrote a new login manager with Bash and Zenity and Expect (and Script) that fully runs on a Wayland server (weston). 

Now X is no longer involved in the boot process, and X does not start, (unless you use an X application with xwayland), because I replaced LightDM with the new loginmanager

***As far as security goes, it does store the password in the environment, but the users would have to be either root or daemon in order to be able to read the /proc/<pid>/environ, depending on the process. It also has a FIFO that has 777 access, but login info is never passed across it, just commands that tell it to switch user ttys, show a login prompt, show a shutdown menu, and tell the script who's weston owns a TTY. So if you decide to install it, and depend on security, be warned.***

And just a note for people that switch ttys. The script tries to find the first available TTY automatically that isn't open, and it seems to favor TTY8, and then start using the next ones for the session. (Unlike what we are used to in X, where it defaults to TTY7)

I got it to a point where it supports automatic login, picking a user from a list to login, and switching user sessions.
It also supports specifying the desktop environment you want to use, similar to the X display managers, only for desktop environments that run as plugins under Weston. Right now, all I have is Weston's, but in the next ISO, I can add Weston's, as well as Hawaii's Weston plugin.

It even works in virtualbox if there is a framebuffer, as if there is no kms, it falls back to using a framebuffer. (and if there is no framebuffer, it falls back to a text dialog).
Under virtualbox, you might have to select a different boot option to force create a framebuffer.

there's also a command line wizard
It's basically an easy to use frontline for adding vga= argument to /etc/default/grub if you install the system. It does have ubiquity, it has the shortcut in the Desktop folder. (or the command).

You can download the new ISO here: (sorry, 32 bit only, as I need to work my 32 bit dpkg to install a 64 bit kernel again)
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