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I plan to use weston on Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen. I purchased a touchscreen that sports a eGalax touch digitizer.
It seems not to be properly supported by Weston or.. Actually with nearly with any software, except tslib. Although even tslib didn't support
my version(0x0100) before I patched it. EETI provides binary-only drivers for x86(32&64), arm and mips, but I wasn't able to get the
driver to work - and when I checked out internet for reports, people who had got those drivers to work, were un-satisfied..

I found a project opengalax, which I forked and modified to support tslib instead of eGalax on serial. It works very good. As TSLIB doesn't
support multiple simultaneous touches, gestures, like pinching - are not possible. Virtual input device created works great (after tslib's calibration)
with weston- but weston tryies to access touchscreen through 2 devices, original and through virtual - I wanted weston to ignore this real
device, so I made a patch to weston, that adds a new option to configuration:

ignored=eGalax Inc. USB TouchController

And if this is set, it compares it to device name, and skips it. If nothing else, atleast there's one device not to monitor..

Second thing.. As I am using a touchscreen.. I wanted to disable mouse cursor. I patched weston some more to add option

- if this is set, mouse cursor isn't drawn.

My fork of opengalax is not yet publicly available, but patch to what I described is included in this message.
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