[PATCH] xdg-shell - yet another proposal (this time for real).

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 10:42:33 PST 2013

Rafael Antognolli wrote:

> So, I added "activated" and "deactivated" events, that the compositor can use
> to inform clients what they are. And there's a take_focus request

Shouldn't that be called a "take_active" request?

I can think of scenarios where it would be useful to get the keyboard 
focus but not activation. I believe there is no need to support this 
initially, as *becoming* active can always mean the client gets the 
focus. But there may need to be a way for a client to take_focus without 
becoming active.

The scenarios I see this being useful:

To not activate on a drag & drop in point-to-type: a client could send 
only a "take_focus" when the mouse enters it. It does an activate only 
on a mouse-click or keystroke that does *not* start a drag.

To support OS/X style menubars with point-to-type or when click does not 
raise surfaces: clients might take the key focus on enter/click, but not 
activate until the user types a keystroke. Thus the user can move the 
mouse to the menubar in a point-to-type system without the menubar 
changing, and can click in background windows without the menubar changing.

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