CI for wayland (buildbot).

Artsiom Anikeyenka arty.anikey at
Mon Nov 11 05:25:30 PST 2013

Hi, guys,

Do you have any of those running (I mean CI tools) (I didn't find any
links)? If not then I can setup a buildbot <>. Actually
it's already runnig on my home machine. You can access it

This build indicates 1 failing test for "make check" in wayland project.
I've just started and currently I'm working on setting up CI for the whole
process of building as described

Later on we can change the way buildbot builds stuff, and add more slaves
(different platforms) which can be distributed over the internet. I chose
buildbot because it's super flexible.

If you agree then I'll follow up with the "next-steps-email". BTW I'll be
setting it up anyways :) to understand how wayland is built, so I just
wanted to know if you want buildbot as the "official" CI tool for wayland
(BTW I highly recommend it over the other tools like Jenkins or CC).

Any thoughts, feedback?

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