Thoughts about decoration information in the xdg_shell

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Mon Nov 18 10:28:12 PST 2013

Neil Roberts wrote:

> I guess you could make a toolkit-agnostic decorations library using
> subsurfaces that these types of applications can use. However I don't
> think that will solve the consistency issue because most game-type
> applications will want to bundle all of their dependencies so they will
> end up wanting to bundle this library. The consistency will then break
> when the distro updates its version of the library.

Can you explain why "consistency" is so important for the window frame, 
but is not a problem for the buttons and scrollbars and text fields and 
everything else inside the frame?

And, yes, "toolkit-agnositic decorations library" is the solution. Hey, 
it could do the scrollbars and buttons, too! What a concept!

> I think the most important decision to make for xdg-shell is whether to
> require CSD support or SSD support. How it is actually negotatied is not
> as important. I think you have to have a policy of requiring support for
> one or the other because it'd be a mess to have a situation where some
> apps can't work on certain compositors.

You are advocating requiring *both* clients and compositors to be able 
to draw decorations. Why make it so complicated?

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